About Us


We are a Toronto based couple with a passion for the outdoors. We love going on hikes, camping and most of all, going on picnics.

We first saw picnic baskets similar to the ones sold on our site while living in the UK, and loved the look, utility and practicality of them, with all utensils included in their own little spaces. However, there were some aspects of them we knew we could improve.

The baskets on our site were personally designed by the two of us, keeping in mind both functionality and aesthetics:

  • All baskets are carried and opened upright. This ensures no spilling of the contents in the basket.
  • The baskets have two separate lids that open from the center, giving full access to the interior of the basket.  
  • The insulating material in our wicker basket for four will keep your food at the perfect temperature, whether hot or cold.
  • Our wicker basket for four has utensils made of durable materials that are light and child friendly. The wicker basket for two has ceramic plates and wine glasses made of real glass to provide a sophisticated and romantic atmosphere.
  • The materials for the baskets were chosen to make the item as light as possible.

We want to improve our selection further in the future, by providing to you:

  • Outdoor food serving ware that keeps your food safe from bugs
  • Picnic blankets, rugs and cushions

Stay tuned for more!

Lakshi & Tish